Pokémon Go: Final Hit in the Game Series


Pokémon Go
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July 9, 2021
Android phone, iOS
Varies with device

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It’s true that the Nintendo-owned Pokémon Go which gained immense popularity in the mid-1990s is regaining popularity after a few years of relative insignificance. The game is Pokémon Go again: the most popular entry in the series into the mobile world. Nowadays, it is available for free for the two platforms of Android as well as iOS.

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Moreover, it is so popular among Android users that it rivals Twitter for active users per day. This game utilizes the phone’s GPS and tracker to determine the location of your phone (on the screen of your phone). Thus, this allows you to make Pokémon appear in your vicinity to allow you to move around and catch them.

Story of the game Pokémon go final

There have been reports of people hunting down Pokémon go final at their desks in the office and in hospital rooms as well as in bathroom. During the game, a teenage girl discovered dead bodies while searching for Pokémon. In Missouri police have reported that four suspect robbers enticed victims by promising them finding Pokémon in a new game known as Pokémon Go.

If you move around various types can be seen, depending on the location you’re in and at what time. The idea is to motivate gamers to explore the real world during search within the game. This relationship between reality and the game is referred to as augmented virtual reality. Thus, this will give you an experience of a kind to enjoy the game.

Exclusive feature of Pokémon go

It is about catching all the things within the same range. In this game, you have to find every variation of the game including the exclusive Shiny one. The players will have a better likelihood of finding a particular Pokémon on Tuesdays throughout Spotlight Hour. Usually, this hour runs from 6 pm until 6:59 pm local time.

In Spotlight Hour, you can buy candy as well as find the top level game. Besides, you may even find  more gifts to get the best results. Additionally, it will be a Double Catch Stardust during Diglot’s spotlight on Jan 11 where the Mole Pokémon will be the main focus. The original version for Spotlight Hour Diglot is the Kanto version but not the Allan version.

File Information of Pokémon Go

Version: 2016

Size: Varies with device

Updated: July 9, 2021

Requirements: Android phone, iOS

Get it on: Play store-mobile, PC, Online

Developer: Niantic ; Nintendo

Category:  Augmented reality (AR) mobile game


It’s Go is a 2016 Augmented Reality (AR) smartphone game that was released through Niantic working in partnership along with Nintendo. Moreover, the game is for iOS and Android devices which are suitable for everyone. According to review-aggregator Meteoritic, Pokémon Go received “mixed or average” reviews upon its launch.


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