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Euro Truck Simulator
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May 7, 2019
Android phone

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Want to feel like a trucker? Euro truck simulator-ETS is the game for you. This is compatible with mobile and IOS. Euro video-game transports players into an experience of what it’s really like to drive across Europe as a real professional driver on some of the most amazing roads in this continent, with over 40 cities modeled from their actual counterparts.

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The only condition required by your device before playing: 1GB RAM! So if you fulfill these requirements download now and enjoy anywhere at any time during those idle moments or whenever else there are free minutes available between other activities!

The game ETS launched in 2012 and was an instant hit with the trucking community. Players can start out as a low paid trucker, but by completing goals they earn money to buy their own trucks. The player’s company can grow from there until it owns its own fleet of trailers and drivers – all while running lag-free on your device! You also have the ability to hire employees or add new features that make playing this awesome pass time for yourself even better than before.

It becomes fun when you reach a certain level and collect enough points to buy new vehicles, depots. You can hire other truck drivers for help instead of driving yourself – it’s free! No chance of bankruptcy because the features are all free: no cash needed here.

A little more about Euro truck simulator (ETS)…

As you drive your truck, ETS paints the picture of what it is like to be a professional European driver. It starts with picking an appropriate vehicle and then hitting the road for deliveries in Europe. The game is realistic when you choose your routes carefully because each wrong turn can cost precious time or damage to cargo that will need repairs.

Mobile games have become a popular pastime for truck driving enthusiasts. These fun, free games are available on Android and iOS devices to help pass time at home or work.

A guide to the gameplay

In the start, players can choose from a list of cities in Europe to set their headquarter. They will only be able to take short jobs that work for other companies and provide them with basic facilities like driving trucks around. As they continue playing, players earn money by achieving targets or taking out loans so they can buy more trucks and even acquire garages which makes it possible for them to deliver goods themselves through these vehicles.

The game allows you to upgrade your existing trucks or purchase new ones, hire more drivers and expand their garages. With the experience gained by playing this game, other drivers in our company become skilled as well allowing us to expand business across Europe.

ETS-Download and Install

With the simple steps given below, you can download and install euro truck simulator in android. The process for downloading and installing Euro Truck Simulator is very easy to do because all that has to be done in following a few short instructions during each step! The fast way I recommend doing this would be using Google Chrome’s built-in feature where users type what they’re looking up into their Address Bar instead of going through Play Store manually.


Step 1:

Open your browser on mobile phone or laptop/computer.

Step 2:

Search for “euro truck simulator” either by visiting play store directly from search bar of web page (recommended) OR write it down in URL address box after opening play store app located at top right side corner of screen.

Step 3:

Click the download button on your screen to begin downloading Euro Truck Simulator for PC/android.

Step 4:

fIf you are using a computer, then connect your phone before beginning installation process by copying setup file to device and opening it in that order – OR click ‘Allow Device to Install Apps from Other Sources’.

After all these steps have been completed carefully , open exe file ETS icon which will install game set up files onto PC over several minutes time period until 100% completion is achieved.

Click on this downloaded icon and enjoy unlimited trucking!

Point to note!

The installation process takes a while to complete, and you must check whether your device can run it. If not, refer to the FAQs section for more information about this game before trying again.

ETS: In-hand points  

Euro Truck Simulator is a game that can be played on multiple platforms, including PC, android and smart devices. All you need to do before playing the game is install it onto your computer or device of choice so you’re ready to go with smooth interface. This truck driving simulator has been optimized for gamers who want an equally enjoyable experience as those using consoles by working best with 1 GB RAM in their computers/devices.

There are also multiplayer modes available if players wanted more fun out of this simulation-style video game – competing against friends while indulging themselves behind the wheel makes Euro Truck Simulator even better!

Features of Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator)

The ETS- Euro truck simulator has a lot of exciting features that make the game both fun and entertaining. The following are some key features you should know to play this thrilling app:

-Understanding how your business works in handling different levels -Adding expertise by purchasing more trucks, etc.  These two things will lead to better scores which is what everyone wants when playing games!

  • The driving course includes all the roads in Europe with impressive landscapes and beautiful destinations. You can choose from dozens of cities, such as London, Brussels, Berlin, Rome or Amsterdam. Moreover you’ll find yourself to be more enthusiastic about getting behind a truck when faced with these limitless achievements!
  • The variety of cargo that can be transported is vast. One could travel to 60 different cities in total!
  • There are a lot of opportunities to start your own business as an employee at the beginning. For example, you can buy buses and vehicles with points earned by completing deliveries yourself or hiring other people do it for you. You’ll also have more room in the garage that way! There’s even time bonuses if you manage everything well enough – hire employees who work fast yet efficiently so they complete jobs on time rather than just taking all day long.
  • Get ready to build your fleet of trucks and hire drivers who will add value to your company with the game’s “personal business”. You can also buy garages for maximum benefits.
  • From performance to appearance, there are many varieties of trucks that everyone can find their favorite.
  • There is a huge variety of different kinds and types of trucks available in euro truck simulator for people across the world today. From how they perform on roads to what they look like in reality – all these vehicles vary greatly from each other so much so that anyone would be able to easily pick one which suits them best!

Some more features of Euro truck

  • Customizing your truck is easy with Euro truck simulator. You can choose from a wide range of lightings, bars, horns and exhausts for free! This way you feel closer to driving the perfect truck you believe in.
  • The World of trucks is an online community that allows you to play the game more effectively. You can get assistance from other players and make your trucking experience fun!
  • In game photo mode allows you to capture photos while riding the trucks and share them with world of trucks online community. There are many custom avatar features as well which can help you in making your own avatar and license plate in the game. In addition, there is a discussion platform where players can have discussions on their favorite pictures from this feature.
  • ETS offers players three different views: the driver’s point of view, from behind their truck and another from above. This gives you a realistic experience that will better your gaming skills as it tests your ability to deliver cargo on time without breaking speed limits or missing traffic signals.
  • Euro truck simulator is also super fun because there are high-speed cameras installed along the road which detect if you break any rules, resulting in losing points or money! All these reasons make ETS one of the most exciting games I’ve ever played with many details perfecting my driving abilities.
  • The ETS includes thousands of roads that resemble real places and landmarks. The vast network makes the trucking experience enjoyable, like driving along famous structures in your favorite cities or countries!

Conclusion-Final Thoughts

The cargo truck simulator game is a great way to practice the safe delivery of your cargoes before going out on real life trips. If you drop off some damaged goods, it will affect how much money and points that you get in this virtual world just like in real life!

This Euro Truck Simulator will make you fall in love with trucks and driving. The picturesque gameplay features a high-quality environment that’s even better than real life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Euro Truck Simulator available for Android?

Yes, this app is available for both android and IOS devices. You can play it on any of your respective device with ease because you will have the same experience no matter what kind of phone or tablet you use to access it.

Q2. How do I download Euro Truck Simulator on my phone?

We have made it very easy to install the ETS game on your phone. Just press “download” on our website, and you will be directed through a free download process where the app is automatically installed onto your device after completion of download.

Q3. Is there be Euro Truck Simulator free 3 and 4?

No news has been released about the upcoming ETS 3 Expansion Pack by its developers. As soon as they launch a new beta version, we will definitely post it on our website for free!

Q4. Can you play Euro Truck Simulator on a laptop?

Do you think your laptop can run euro truck simulator? According to this article, it totally should. It says that in order for the game to work right on windows 7 or 8, it needs a dual core processor with at least 3 GHz frequency and 4GB RAM.

Q5. Why is Euro Truck Simulator so popular?

It is the world’s most popular truck simulation game because it keeps people engaged due to its beautiful landscapes and vast number of customization features.

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